Rose City Yarn Crawl: It's a Wrap!

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The Rose City Yarn Crawl was last month and I've been meaning to share some pictures with y'all but life and more pressing projects have intervened. A yarn crawl is like a pub crawl, except for you go from shop to shop taking in all the yarny goodness and inspiration. The yearly event is organized by the yarn shop owners and this year included 14 Portland shops. To spice things up, the Bee invited two of our fave indie companies -- YOTH Yarns and Republic of Wool -- to join us with pop-up shops. So, without further ado ...


Wednesday night, before the crawl started, I stayed after hours to help our special guests get unpacked. Here's the finished Republic of Wool set up:

Republic of Wool trunk show

Michele's colorways are incredibly fun and unexpected, and the knit samples she shared with us were just as wonderful. The sweater on the left is her twist on Veera Valimaki's True Friend and on the right are two fun Stephen West designs, Tripartite (in DK) and Parachutey.


YOTH Yarns really is a family affair. Big Sis Veronika was away, so her partner & Little Brother Daniel drove down with Mom to set up the yummy YOTH display:

yoth at knitting bee

After everyone left that night I was tempted to roll around on that table and take selfies, but I somehow managed to restrain myself! 


We opened the doors Thursday morning to a steady stream of yarn crawlers. Here's Trish capturing a shot of the crowd:

 Knitting Bee Rose City Yarn Crawl


Here's a pic of me on Friday with YOTH Yarns Little Brother and Mother:

yarn crawl


This happy yarn crawler met her yarn doppelganger, a skein of Republic of Wool in the colorway "Wrinkle in Time."

Knitting Bee Yarn Crawl

Speaking of, Michele from Republic of Wool hung out with us on Saturday. Here she is with her knitting besties -- including Mara & baby. Love these happy smiles!


Long-time customers Julie and Patti Jo turned in their completed passports at the Bee, only to be photo bombed by waggle dancer Tammy. ( :

Knitting Bee Rose City Yarn Crawl


By the time we wrapped things up on Sunday evening, almost 1300 yarn crawlers had passed through our doors. How incredible is that?! A bottle of bubbly was definitely in order.

Knitting Bee

Before closing up, we shared a celebratory drink with the last few yarn crawlers who came through the Bee. Wish I could share a toast with everyone who crawled. Thank you for supporting Portland's local yarn shops! 



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