Inspiration and Anticipation

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We're only two sleeps away from releasing the next block pattern. In the meantime, here is a lovely sample of this afghan coming right along. Jeannette has finished her first strip and is eagerly awaiting the clue to finish her second. Don't forget to make your next garter square if you are working in strips, then you'll be ready to start right away on Saturday!  Thank you, Jeannette, for sharing your pictures and great work!

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  • Hello from the other side of the country. A few of us at Amelia’s Fabric and Yarn Shoppe in Hilton, NY are participating in your Summer Block Party. Hilton is located up near Lake Ontario outside of Rochester, NY.

    This strip by Jeanette is absolutely beautiful and is inspiring me to hurry and catch up as best I can. We, at Amelia’s, started a few weeks late but are coming along. I am hoping more ladies will join us/you in this fun summer project. For me – it a great way to use up my stash but I’ve already been eye-balling other colors at the shop to see what I can “add”.

    Thanks for the project/great knit and can’t wait to see more of your pictures!


    Susan Toal on

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