Time for a (small) Twist!

Posted by Steffanie Colvig on

It's been a busy morning here at the shop and I am finally able to devote a few minutes to our KAL participants, YOU!! Thank you for being so patient this morning. With this square you will notice something slightly different in some of the knit stitches. We think it's fairly well explained in the notes on the pattern but if you need any help at all please feel free to come in for a quick demo. We'd love to see you and your squares in person! So, without further ado, here is your Block #4  Enjoy!


  • Oh, yes, of course. I think we mentioned it in one of the earlier posts but now is a good time to remind newcomers too. Each garter stitch block is 54 stitches wide and knit 90 rows. This will give you a total of 45 garter ridges on each side of the block. You’ll notice each of the mystery blocks is also 90 rows so seaming at the end will be super easy. We’re tricky like that :)

    Steffanie on

  • I love the summer block party.
    Can you post instructions for the garter stitch block
    e.g. number of cast on and number of rows

    thank you

    Laura Wagner on

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