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Did you see our Camp Erin bears in the news? Local reporter and all-around yarn cheerleader Mary Mooney wrote a fabulous post for the Oregon Live knitting blog on the origins of the camp, how the Knitting Bee community first got involved, and how our participation has grown and strengthened over the years. Several days later The Oregonian ran the story in its Living section. The story's been tweeted all over the place, and now we've even received a couple sweaters in the mail. How cool is that?! 


Make sure you read the story through to the end. Mary shares her personal connection to the story and makes a heartfelt plea for donations. It's a great reminder of why we all do what we do. Thanks, Mary, for shining your light on the Camp Erin bears!


REMINDER: Bear outfits that you would like entered in our "Favorites" contest should be dropped off at the Bee by our 4pm closing tomorrow. More details on that can be found here. Otherwise, we can accept outfits through Thursday, July 24th (or bring them by any time for next year!). 


PLEASE JOIN US for our annual celebration of the Camp Erin bears on Wednesday, July 23rd, 6pm - 8:30pm. Bring your knitting or crochet, bring your kids, just COME and see all the adorable bears. 


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