Knitting With Love: Camp Erin Bears

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This summer Knitting Bee customers and friends knit and crocheted around 100 outfits for teddy bears headed to Oregon's Camp Erin, surpassing our goal of 85 (the number of kids and teens expected to attend the 2017 camp). You all made dozens and dozens of snuggly bear cardigans with matching caps, as well as quite a few more creative bear costumes. A pirate, a bride and a mermaid took Best of Show at our gathering on August 2nd, garnering Knitting Bee gift cards for their makers.

Camp Erin Bears at Knitting Bee

Voted Favorite Bears: Pirate by Brenda H., Bride by Christine R., and Mermaid by Molly S.

We couldn't undertake this project every year without the help of many, many knitters and crocheters. Some people knit multiple outfits, including at least a few people who knit nearly ten each!

Camp Erin Bears at Knitting Bee

 Ready for the Round Up.


Camp Erin Bears at Knitting Bee

 Sporty bears.

Camp Erin Bears at Knitting Bee

 Bears clad in a red union suit and a tiny Penguano, by Vanessa L-G. and Teri P.

Special thanks to Penny B., Louise S., and our Sunday afternoon regulars who ran an informal "teddy bear hospital" at our back table. Whether a bear needed a repair or a sweater needed a button or a matching hat, these women made it happen.

Camp Erin Bears at Knitting Bee

Above, Hippie Mama by Penny B. and Pretty in Pink by Bonnie S.

Camp Erin Bears at Knitting Bee

 Whimsical bears ready for hugging!

Thank you to each and every person who put their needles together for this great cause. Together we CAN make a difference in our community!


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