Darning Needles for Knitters - Set of 5


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Darning Needles for Knitters - Set of 5
Darning Needles for Knitters - Set of 5

Twist open the cap on this elegantly simple wood tube to discover an assortment of blunt-tip darning needles in different sizes, three straight and two with bent tips. Manufactured in England, these high quality needles are made of solid steel (so they'll stick to the Maker's Keep).

- Wooden tube with cap, approx. 3.5" long x .5" diameter
- 5 steel blunt-tip darning needles, 3 straight and 2 with bent tips

Meet the Maker: Founder Kristin Axtman says she grew up with a brilliant mother and two talented grandmothers who inspired her with their sewing, crocheting, quilting, painting, and "general domestic badass-ery." When not creating things with textiles or developing products for BH, Kristin is canning, preserving, and cooking; brewing beer and cider with her husband; making jewelry with her son; combing flea markets; and riding her Dutch bike. She also works as an organization development consultant and lives in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.