The Farmers Daughter Fibers Oh Dang!

The Farmers Daughter Fibers Oh Dang!

A halo of soft and fluffy Suri Alpaca encircles a strand of lustrous Silk, all hand-dyed in the dreamy colors you love from The Farmers Daughter Fibers. Due to its lovely floofiness, Oh Dang! can be knit or crocheted at a wide variety of gauges with a range of needle or hook sizes. If you're feeling really naughty, pair it up with a skein of Foxy Lady for the most decadent fabric ever.

Weight:  Fingering to DK
Gauge:  Varies
Yardage:  328 yds (300m) per 50g skein
Fiber:  74% Suri Alpaca, 26% Silk
Care:  Handwash in cool water. Lay flat to dry.


Meet the Maker


Candice English infuses her Montana roots and Native American heritage into all aspects of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers. The early years of Candice’s life were spent growing up on a ranch in northern Montana, thirty miles east of the Blackfeet Reservation where her mother was born and raised. Currently Candice lives in Great Falls where she’s raising a family, dyeing yarn, running a small business, and getting out into nature whenever she can. We had the opportunity to ask Candice a few questions about her life and work in the Fall of 2019. Her responses follow.

Who or what are you listening to or reading right now?

I wish I could say I am listening to some super intellectual podcast. But honestly, I am watching really bad trashy TV to numb my mind—and it actually really helps my anxiety! One of my favorite things to listen to in the Fall is called ‘Spooked' and it's all true ghost stories that people share. SO SPOOKY!! I can also share with you some great books I have read lately: The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai, Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane, There There by Tommy Orange, Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann!

What activities do you engage in to promote balance in your life?

Again, I wish I could say that I run two miles everyday or go to the gym after work. But alas, No. I am a believer that balance is the unicorn of adulthood. Some days I am amazing at work and some days I am amazing at home. I take one day at a time. What I do know helps me is if I can get the chance to do a little spiritual ceremony in the mornings: I light my candles, have my tea, do my tarot cards, light sweet grass, and pray a little. It for sure sets my day off right! I am also a big believer in herbal medicine, it really helps me stay grounded and healthy.

Who are your heroes in real life?

My brother, because he has been my hero since I was 2. ❤ And our cousin Livvie who is the most amazing, charismatic, funny, sweet child I have ever met. She was born with hydrocephalus and has had over 10 brain surgeries in her short 4 years. Every time she recovers with more class, spunk, and optimism than most people could muster in a lifetime. She is truly my hero.

If I wasn’t running The Farmers Daughter Fibers I’d be…

Living off the grid in the Mountains.

What has surprised you most about a career making yarn?

Well, when I started Farmer's Daughter I had a lot of healing to do, and I didn't realize that by creating this company a lot of those issues would come up, and that dyeing yarn would help me come to terms with some of those issues. I am also really surprised and thrilled by how many amazing people I have met and how much traveling I get to do with FDF.

What talent would you most like to have?

Singing and dancing! I am literally tone deaf so while I 100% will sing and dance ... its pretty bad!

Customer Reviews

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Better than mohair with similar textile appearance.

Knitting a piece on size 7. Makes an airy piece similar to mohair without the itchiness. Buying more for a smaller gauge project.