Knitters Lariat Necklace

Knitters Lariat Necklace
Knitters Lariat Necklace

Portland makers Handworks Knitwear Design Studio and Modern Madini Fine Art Jewelry Design have teamed up to create a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry that's also a functional tool for people who knit or crochet.

On one end of this lariat-style necklace you'll find a handcrafted yellow bronze ring. And on the other? A cast yellow bronze crochet hook that's perfect for picking up dropped stitches or weaving in yarn ends!

- Made in Portland, Oregon
- 36" brass chain
- Cast yellow bronze crochet hook (US C / 2.75mm)

Knitters Lariat Necklaces are also available with a handcrafted gemstone accent charm ($74.00) or a detachable set of gemstone stitch markers ($89.00). Gemstones vary, so please email to see what we have in stock. Selections have included Picasso Jasper, Aventurine and Kyanite.